Lunar Chronicles Update!

So it may be obvious by my  reading over the last month, but I wanted to officially announce that I am a big fan of Marissa Meyer’s Lunar Chronicle series.  And by fan I mean the goofy happy dance…fangirl squeal…first in line for the new book type of fan.

And I am totally ok with this!  I love how she has modernized classic fairytales with a science fiction twist.  I enjoy her quirky characters and ‘edge of the seat’ storyline.  So I just had to announce the exciting news!  The series was originally supposed to consist of:

Two Short Stories –

1. Glitches

2. The Queen’s Army

and Four Novels –

1. Cinder

2. Scarlet

3. Cress

4. Winter

But, Meyer has just reveled that a fifth novel has been added to the lineup.  Fairest occurs before Cinder takes place and tells the story of Queen Levana and her rise to power.  Meyer continues with her fairytale theme and has hinted at the story correlation with Snow White’s Evil Queen.  Fairest is scheduled to come out before Winter, which is the final installment of the series.

So follow the link and check out the article on Fairest which was posted on USA Today! Anyone else as excited as I am?


10 thoughts on “Lunar Chronicles Update!

  1. How am I JUST now seeing this blog?!?!? I’m jealous and want to come read books on the beach with you! I know I texted you these two before, but just in case you never got around to it- “Enchanted” by Alathea Kontis (fun, easy, fairytale read) and “Unbroken”by Laura Hillenbrand (not so much fun and easy, but an amazing TRUE story for a history buff like you). Miss you, friend!

    • Hi Jessie! I miss you too! I just started the blog last month; I would love a future in editing or writing and I thought that this might be a good way to start. Plus I have a fun way to keep track of what I am reading 🙂 I went and picked up Enchanted and it is on my list to read for next month! I want to read Unbroken, but I am taking at least 6 months away from non-fiction novels. School has left me a little burned out but the story is right up my alley.

      I’m so ready for you to come read on the beach with me!!!

      • Unbroken was recommended to me and it was definitely unchartered territory for me. I had to go to the second floor of the library to the biography section!! It was kind of scary after spending so much time in the YA section. Overcame my skepticism, started reading and loved it. The story is so incredibly, it’s hard to believe it actually happened!

      • I can totally picture you tiptoeing in to the biography section! I can’t wait to read it!

        though I admit that all my free time at the bookstore has been in the YA section.

    • Nice! Meyer said that she plans for Fairest to be read as book four. So I totally recommend reading the two short stories and three novels first. This way you know Queen Levana before Meyer explains why she is the evil lunar queen.

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