The Giver – Movie Adaptation

Movie – The Giver

The Giver (2014) Poster

This lazy Saturday afternoon was spent at the movies.  We had initially planned on seeing Guardians of the Galaxy until arriving to a sold out show, so the family agreed to see The Giver.  I was beyond excited and somehow managed to keep my shrieks of delight silent.  I love going to the movies and am one who enjoys watching my favorite stories transformed on the ‘big screen.’  So here is a short review about the movie and how it compared to Louis Lowery’s The Giver.

The movie is visually amazing and only enhanced the images described by Lowery.  The use of color to emphasize the change from sameness to individuality is worth the price of admissions.  My favorite scene is when Jonas first experiences a sunset and Jeff Bridges is perfect as the Giver.  I was thrilled that the story was not morphed in to one of teenage angst or an intense action movie.

The movie does not stray far from the original story but there are a number of modified details.  None of these changes left me upset or disappointed; as a matter of fact, many of these changes strengthened all of the secondary characters.  I recommend fans of the book check out this interview with Lowery about the movie adaptation.

I recommend seeing The Giver!  I left the theater with a smile on my face and ready to watch it again.  Has anyone else seen it?



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