My life changed big time a little over a week ago. I officially graduated with my Master’s degree.

30 Rock

I am still in a mild state of shock at this exciting moment, but holding a hard copy of my thesis was rather exciting! The last three years have been VERY long and almost torturous at some points, but yet; I still find myself browsing the course catalog and feeling that thrill of excitement I have at the start of every fall semester. Don’t worry; I WILL NOT be going back to school any time soon. It’s just the finality of the situation has yet to really sink in.

Graduation has brought new and exciting activities to my plate. I continue to read as much as I can and I have officially started writing my first novel. I worked on various novels over the last year but I now have the chance to finally focus on my passions without homework getting in the way. I’ve even started a new skin care business with Rodan + Fields. I plan on doing more flying, scuba diving, kayaking, writing, and reading in the coming months.

My family is excitedly reading my thesis and they continue to support my goals and dreams. Now I embark on a new adventure: discovering what I want to really do with my life! Thank you all for your support as I continue exploring the written word and sharing my reviews. I am excited to see where I go with this new found freedom!


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