by Tamora Pierce

 Wolf-Speaker (Immortals, #2)

When humans start destroying the majestic Dunlath Valley, the wolves seek out Daine to intervene. She arrives with a small band of helpers–Numair, King Jonathan’s greatest mage, Cloud, her pony, and Skysong, a small dragon–each unaware of the awesome challenge that lies ahead of them. Daine must once more call upon her wild magic, going even deeper, to organize her animal friends to fight in a cataclysmic battle.

I am the type of person who has to read books in order.  The same goes for watching tv episodes and movies; just one of my many quirks!  This is one of the reasons I continued to re-read the Immortals series after finishing Wild Magic last week.  But wanting to revisit one of my all-time favorite series is the main reason I pulled the next book, Wolf-Speaker, off the shelf.  Reader’s follow Daine as she continues her training in wild magic and travels, with her teacher Numair, across Tortall to help her wolf pack.

Wolf-Speaker is my least favorite of the Immortals novels.  This doesn’t mean that it is a bad novel; really I love the story and all the new characters.  Daine is the problem with Wolf-Speaker.  Daine is whiny and mean to the one human girl who wants to be her friend throughout the majority of the book.  It is irritating to read and I remember being frustrated with her childish comments as a teenager.  I now know that these comments are a way for Pierce to teach tolerance of others to her young readers.  It is still irritating to read but luckily the rest of the book makes up for Daine’s behavior.

Be prepared to meat an assortment of animals, all with unique and vibrant personalities, that join Daine in fighting the humans destroying the Dunlath valley!  You will finally get to know the young dragon Kitten, and meet one of my favorite characters of the series, Tkaa.  Tkaa is a basilisk who joins forces with Daine.  His dry humor, witty personality, and ability to teach Daine without sounding too pretentious makes him a keeper.  I also love how Numair’s quirky personality still manages to shine despite limited involvement in the tale.

Wolf-Speaker is definitely a must if you are wanting to read the Immortals series.  It is a very good book, even if it isn’t my favorite, and it would make for a fun weekend read!  What do you think of Wolf-Speaker?


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