I’m still quite new to the blogging world. So let’s just say that I was shocked, honored, and somewhat confused at being nominated for three awards over the last month.  This blog was something I started to help me adjust to life after grad school and to share my love for books and I am thrilled that so many of you enjoy Sand Between The Pages.

I want to thank, and recognize, the individuals who nominated me!! You guys are awesome!

Another Night of Reading


Arielle Joy

But I will not be participating in the awards process. Not yet anyways.  I will however answer the questions posted by these awards and ask that you take the time to check out these talented women’s sites!  You ladies are wonderful.  Thank you so much for the consideration!

For One Lovely Blog Award:

Seven facts about myself.

  1. I fly airplanes and have done so since I was seven. I love my little vintage taildragger and I feel the freest, and happiest, when flying it.
  2. I also scuba dive. It is like flying underwater!
  3. I love Mexican food. A lot. To the point my husband automatically tells me ‘no Mexican food’ when making dinner plans.
  4. I have always been a story teller but it isn’t until recently that I decided to actually write a full novel. I’m still working on it.
  5. I am scared to death of clowns. This is because my childhood room was decorated in life sized clown wall art and I swear those suckers came to life every night!
  6. I still have my childhood teddy bear. She knew all my secrets growing up, always loved to hear my stories, and never baulked at traveling. When I moved away from home she went with me and I made sure her head was sticking out of my backpack so that she could see. (For the record: I am an adult and I know she’s not real but the little girl in my heart will not let me forget the times she was)
  7. And lastly, I love to read! Reading rejuvenates me and brings me peace. It is best done in the company of loving animals: my cows in high school, my dog in college, and my tortoise now.

For the Liebster Award:

1. If you were stranded on a desert island and only had one book, what would that book be?

Torture! This is a tough one for me but it’s a toss-up between The Ultimate Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy (five books in one) and Kristen Britain’s Green Rider. Green Rider is one of my all-time favorite books and I have read it at least 15 times. It has yet to lose its ‘I love this book!’ effect.

2. What’s your favorite part of going to a bookstore?

The smell. I love the smell of paper, especially old paper, mixed with that of coffee and pastries! I also the happy feeling that starts at my toes and just takes over; the feeling that I’m on an adventure.

3. What are you currently reading?

The Ultimate Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. I’m using it for inspiration for NaNoWriMo.

4. What book from your childhood has stuck with you the most?

I have a lot of these. Lowry’s The Giver was the first book to push me to examine the workings of the world. Pierce’s Immortals Series novels were the first books I picked out for myself.  Britain’s Green Rider is still one of my favorites. I was a shy and insecure kid (still am) and this novel showed me that a girl doesn’t have to be born amazing to step and shine as a hero. It left me feeling confident in my future.

5. What book has had the largest impact on your life?

Marissa Meyer’s Cinder. It was after reading this book that I decided to write a novel. Her experience was inspiring and her story fun. It rekindled the writing spark and led to me starting this blog.

6. What is a book from your childhood that you absolutely want to read to your children?

Brian Jacques’ Redwall. I have fond memories of reading this book with my brother. I want my future children to make similar memories.

7. What is the most books you’ve read in a single week?

Maybe 5. I’m not sure. I really don’t keep track of that stuff.

8. What is your favorite quote from a book?

“Not all those who wander are lost;” JRR Tolkien The Fellowship of the Ring. Yes, I know everyone loves this quote but I am a traveler at heart. Everything on my bucket list are places to visit so it appeals to the gypsy side of me.

9. What literary character do you most identify with?

Um, I really do not have a particular character. I identify with a variety of people but I guess my favorite would be Karigan from Green Rider.

10. What is your favorite movie adaptation of a book?

The Giver. No question about that one. I cannot wait until its out on DVD!!!

11. Who is your favorite author and why?

Too many, once again, but I’ll go with Marissa Meyer and Kristen Britain. They may not be the best writers but their characters never fail to draw me in to the story.

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