Halloween has always been one of my favorite holidays!  I love getting trick-or-treaters, watching corny Halloween movies, and reading spooky books.  But my favorite part, besides the decorations, is getting to dress up.  Each year I have these elaborate plans to dress up as some outlandish character but it never seems to work out.  Oh don’t get me wrong; I still dress up!  I just always go as a different version of me; the version I would be if I lived in a different era.

Last year I was an air racer from the 1930s.  In real life I am a pilot who loves flying vintage aircraft and dreams of having a replica antique racer.  I KNOW I would have OWNED the races if I had been a pilot back in the 1930s.

photo 1

This year I am going as Rosie the Riveter.  I definitely would have been either a W.A.S.P. or a Rosie if I had been alive during World War II.  I work on vintage airplanes now and am quite comfortable with a rivet gun!  I was totally responsible for dissembling the cockpit of a rare F4U Corsair and my guys always said “A woman put her together and a woman can take her apart.”

photo 4

So, for me Halloween is about history; imaging who I would have been.  But it also reminds me to be thankful of the unique talents that make me all me!  It’s no wonder I look forward to October 31st every year!  What are your favorite talents?  What are you going as this year!?  Kata is going as a Landshark!


photo 2

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