Five Free Author Gifts For Christmas.

Who else was a tad lost when making their Christmas list this year?  The things I really wanted couldn’t fit under our tree; a new couch and a successful writing career. Our couch will eventually be replaced but I am working diligently on making the writing career dream a reality.  Here are some great gift ideas for your favorite aspiring writer!

Also take the time to check out Jen’s Pen Den and Ronovan Writes!  Both are wonderful people with positive, uplifting blogs!

Jen's Pen Den

Oh we writers, what we don’t want for Christmas that we think would help our writer’s cause would fill a coffee cup, which is actually on the list of things writer’s think we need. Although I don’t drink coffee. Tried it the other day and about went bonkers. If I had a book idea I could have written it that day. Never try to do that, write a book in a day that is. I wrote a 40,000 word book in one day and was useless for days. I think I might have donated an organ but not sure. Actually I think I know which organ and don’t ask. I’m of the age I don’t think that organ is really all that useful any longer anyway.

What every writer needs for Christmas.

(But doesn’t know to ask for.)

There are things every writer out there wants.

  • The perfect first paragraph…

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