Why, hello 2015…

So, I know that 2015 has been around for almost two weeks but, I’ll be honest, the year just didn’t start with a good bang for me.  I was sick (still am) and I just couldn’t get positive about my coming year.  I could only focus on the negative; the towering amount of college debt that I have to start paying off and having to find a ‘big girl’ job so I can actually pay the bills.  I know; life could be much worse.  But it was still hard to swallow in my already whiny and sick state.  So, I waited to write this post and have forced myself to think positively the last 13 days.

Last year was pretty darn good.  I got to see my family and spend plenty of time at the beach.  I rediscovered my passion for both writing and reading.  I started Sand Between the Pages!  I FINALLY graduated from grad school; as did my best friend.  Plus, Mike and I bought our first house.  2014 was quite wonderful!  I am confident that 2015 will be even better.


2015 is going to be a year of change.  I finally have time to focus on my health and the weight has already started to fall off now that the holiday food is all gone.  I will be moving on to a new career.  Now idea what career that will be, which is both exciting and terrifying, but the time has come for me to discover something new.  I am going to continue reading.  I want to write more, and I have already made great progress on my current projects!  I turn 29 in just three short days…

I just plan to rediscover me.  More flying, diving, kayaking, and being outside.  Dedicating time to writing, reading, and enjoying my favorite TV shows.  More reviews and exciting updates for Sand Between the Pages!  And more lazy afternoons with a good book at the beach.  Yep, 2015 is going to be a good one!


I mean, what better way to read at the beach?!?!  What big plans do you have for this year?


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