Birthday Weekend!

I turned 29 two weeks ago and it was nice and relaxing!  I had a four day weekend and I spent my time relaxing, getting over a cold, and enjoying some quality time with friends a family.  I finally have time to post this so here are my top ten moments of my birthday weekend!

1. Started off with a Psych marathon.  Mike and I watched all the Halloween episodes which had me in stitches!

2. I had birthday dinner date with my main man at our favorite sushi place.

3. I started each morning with a mocha latte in my favorite cup!


4. I watched most of Once Upon A Time’s fourth season.

5. I had an amazing birthday lunch at my favorite pizza place with two of my best friends!

6. Mike went hunting so I spent some quality time with this crazy kid.  (Kata has strawberry on the top of her head.  Check out my Instagram for some fun videos of her.)


7. I went to an anniversary lunch with my 99s group.  The 99s is the oldest female pilot organization.  These women are awesome!  Check the 99s out HERE.

8. I discovered a new show on HGTV, Fixer Upper.  It reminds me of all the things I love about Texas plus it pushed Mike and I to start planning our house renovations.

9.  I finished the weekend off watching one of my favorite cartoon movies.  I am still humming the songs two weeks later!


10. I received both Fairest and Wild for my birthday, as well as a book gift card!  More books!!  (I’m beyond excited to start Fairest!!)


11. (I couldn’t do just 10!) My birthday is always special because I get to hear from my family and friends!

What plans do you have this weekend?  Anything exciting?  Lindsay


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