What to Expect – FEBRUARY


February is my kick-butt month!  The holidays are officially over and I am finally getting over my yearly winter sickness.  I am also coming out of the post-birthday funk.  I am now prepared to embrace adulthood, accomplish my dreams, and kick the new year’s booty!

I went over my planned reading list for this month and the only way I could accomplish it was to quit my job and just read.  Mike would not approve this, so I had to cut back some.  Here is what to expect during February:

1. Fairest by Marissa Meyer

2. A Time to Live by Jonas Lee

3. The Waiting Room by Alysha Kaye

4. Other books that I have yet to pick!  Be warned that I am still on an Arctic Survival kick.

You may be shocked that I am not binge reading romance novels during the month of love.  February = Romance Novels; right?  Yeah, no.  I have never been a Valentines day person and I have always been a tad snobbish when it comes to romance books.  I would be far too embarrassed to be seen reading something with a cover dominated by scantily clad people!  I am a sophisticated reader!

Yeah, right… 😉  Luckily I found two bloggers who showed me how wrong I was; a number of these books actually have great plot mixed in with the smut.  So I am calling on them for advice.  romance4thebeach and kiltsandswords, would you each recommend a romance book for me to read?

Other readers, please feel free to recommend your favorite romance books!  I like female leads to be strong and independent, and the males can not be needy.  That’s it!  Hit me with your recommendations and best of luck with your Kick-butt February!


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