5 Fandom Friday

   So, Liz at Nerd in the City introduced me to 5 Fandom Friday.  A topic is posted each Friday by The Nerdy Girlie and Super Space Chick, and you list your top five answers.  I just couldn’t pass on this week!

5 Fandom Friday


Characters I Would Name My Kids After

Mike and I will probably have kids some day.  I love fun names, but it has been decided that our eventual children will have family names.  Sigh…fine.  But, here are my choices if I could name my kids after my favorite characters!

1. Carter


Jack Carter in Eureka will always be one of my favorite characters.  He is responsible for the crazy Eureka scientists and their often disastrous experiments.  He may constantly be in danger but he always tackles his problems with a great sense of humor.  Carter is my number one name choice for both a little girl and a little boy!

2. Myka


Myka Bering is one kickass woman.  She is the moral compass for the Warehouse 13 team; always there to remind them what’s right and wrong.  She isn’t perfect, as she has a few issues of her own to deal with, but she always comes out strong and confident in the end.  Plus, she’s a bibliophile!

3. Karigan

Green Rider (Green Rider, #1)

Karigan G’ladheon is the main character of Kristen Britain’s Green Rider series.  I have read this book at least 15 times.  Karigan stumbles into a job as a Green Rider, a king’s messenger, and is thrust in to a life of magic and adventure.  She starts out as a whiny and stubborn kid and eventually grows in to a strong self-sufficient woman capable of saving a king.

4. Milo

Milo Talon

Louis L’Amour’s Milo Talon; I love everything about this name!  Milo is a tracker journeying through the Wild West in search of a missing girl.  He is quiet, kind, and doesn’t take shit from anyone.  He is a man who follows his gut and thinks quick on his feet.

5. Cole


Yep, two cowboy influenced names.  El Dorado will always be my favorite John Wayne western.  John Wayne is Cole Thornton, a sharpshooter who returns to El Dorado to help the drunken sheriff save the town from some slick city swindlers.  He may have no problem gunning down a man, but only for the right reasons.  Who can’t admire a man who risks his life to save a friend?

6. Pete


I couldn’t just pick 5!  Pete Lattimer is the reason I love Warehouse 13.  He is kind, funny, and has a deep love of cookies.  He has plenty of his own demons, but he refuses to let that kill his happiness.  He has found his place at Warehouse 13, and he is determined to enjoy every minute of it!

Those are my choices!  Which characters would you name your children (real or imaginary) after?


All images are from imdb.com and Goodreads.

2 thoughts on “5 Fandom Friday

  1. Recently my husband and I watched Dr. Zhivago and I’m not a fan of the movie, but there was one character in the movie who had a beautiful name. Her name is Larissa, everyone called her Lara. I didn’t care for her character, however, Larissa is such a lovely name! One of my favorites!

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