What to Expect – MARCH

What to Expect – MARCH

Maybe I will actually get the ‘What to Expect’ post out on the first of April.  Sorry about the delay; we are stuck playing catch up until then!  In wordpress news: I started a sister site to Sand Between the Pages where I document my writing progress and post personal musings.  Check it out here!  Now, on to the rest of the post!

March arrived like a breath of fresh air.  Cold foggy days were suddenly replaced with sunshine and warm afternoons.  Florida’s first warm sunny weekend had arrived, and I spent most of Saturday lounging in my bathing suit in the backyard with a good book and happy tortoise for company.  It was wonderful, until I realized my choice to forgo sunscreen was just plain stupid.  I am now rocking raccoon eyes and a slight pink hue.  I don’t regret any of my sunny reading time, though, and happily await the next sunny day.

Beach Burnt animated GIF

March will be spent finishing the two novels I was supposed to review last month:

1. Fairest by Marissa Meyer

2. A Time to Live by Jonas Lee

You can expect a few straggling winter survival stories this month.  The spring sun means that my book settings will also make a seasonal change.  Expect a few mystery novels.  I love the mystery genre and I am reading a number of them, analyzing how each mystery plays out.  Just research for my WIP!  And who knows, a fantasy story may even appear in the lineup!

Its going to be a fun month and I hope you enjoy!  What are you reading in March?


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