Halloween Decorations

[originally posted on LBoitnott]

I love Halloween! The ghost stories, witches, and monsters spark my imagination. We are drawn to haunted houses and horror movies so we can revel in surviving the scary. Halloween is just fun and my decorations come out every October 1st.

My mom also loves Halloween and I grew up with some pretty epic Halloween decorations. We lived on a cattle ranch and one year my mom decided to make a hay-bale spider. She spray painted a round bale black, added long black legs, and gruesome teeth. From that horrible mouth dangled a pair of torn jeans and dusty old cowboy boots. IT WAS AWESOME! And it will always be a favorite.

FullSizeRender (14)

I share my mom’s love of Halloween decorations and went nuts when we moved in to our house a few years ago. I had plans to transform our house into something out of a horror movie but I was a broke college student. Most of my decor was homemade. Thankfully, Pinterest has spurred on the DIY movement and provided plenty of inspiration. My house is covered in these homemade pieces and have become personal favorites of mine, and many of my friends.


My sweet family contributes to my stash and eventually my home will look haunted! For now I enjoy my spooky decor and the ghoulish homes emerging throughout the neighborhood.

Please share your favorite Halloween decorations! Do you have any fond childhood Halloween decor stories?

Happy Halloween!


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