Murder With Puffins

Murder With Puffins

By Donna Andrews


Winner of the St. Martin’s Malice Domestic Award in 1997 for her first work Murder With Peacocks, Donna Andrews brings back her zany characters and disastrous events.

In an attempt to get away from her family, Meg Langslow and her boyfriend go to a tiny island off the coast of Maine. What could have been a romantic getaway slowly turns into disaster.

Once there, they are marooned by a hurricane and that is only the beginning of their problems. Meg and her boyfriend arrive at the house only to discover that Meg’s parents and siblings, along with their spouses are all there. When a murder takes place, Meg realizes that she and her boyfriend can no longer sit by a cozy fireplace, but must instead tramp around the muddy island to keep try and clear her father who is the chief suspect.

Murder with Puffins is the perfect quickly cozy mystery for reading on cold overcast days. I am a fan of Donna Andrews, so feel free to check out my Review Page for reviews of her other novels.

Murder with Puffins is the second book in the Meg Langslow Mystery series. Meg is back and is in need of some quality alone-time with her hunky sweetheart, Michael. She decides that a winter weekend spent at her Aunt Phoebe’s summer home is the perfect romantic getaway, but it quickly turns in to a typical Meg adventure. They arrive on the island to a house full of family, a looming hurricane, and the murder of a man no one is mourning. Meg and her crazy family keep me coming back to these books. I am always guaranteed a laugh and a happy ending when I read a Donna Andrews cozy mystery, which are definitely good reasons to keep reading! I love Meg’s stubborn and blunt personality and the awkward interactions with her family members. They are all so quirky that their antics leave me giggling. The Murder with Puffins mystery is fun, the setting is dreary and wet, and the murder is an interesting one.

Andrews’ pacing is always a little scattered but the pacing of Murder with Puffins is downright frantic. This is because of how Meg handles the entire situation. She is upset at her family’s intrusion, angry at being shot at, irked at the miserable weather, and ashamed of her mother’s scandalous past. All of these points left me feeling mentally tired by the end of the story, but I was impressed by this feeling instead of discouraged. Feeling just as tired as the main character means I was immersed in the story. Plus, I was really happy a certain person is murdered in the story!

My only real complaint is how law enforcement is treated by the characters. (Y’all may have noticed that this is a pet peeve of mine) I am ok with the local volunteer force being completely clueless but I prefer the official force be treated with respect because that is one tough unappreciative job. I was not too keen on Meg covering up part of the evidence. Yes, I know she did it to protect her family but it was still a little irksome. I just have to keep reminding myself that it’s a cozy mystery!

I do recommend Murder with Puffins. It isn’t my favorite Meg Langslow mystery but it is the perfect read for a cold rainy day! Are you a fan of Donna Andrews’ Meg Langslow mysteries? Tell me all about your favorite!


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