Gingerbread Cookie Murder

Gingerbread Cookie Murder

by Joanne Fluke


Nothing’s better on Christmas Eve than waiting for the stroke of midnight with a cup of eggnog and a plate of warm gingerbread cookies. This text presents a collection of three Christmas mystery stories.

I want to start this review by stating that I only read Gingerbread Cookie Murder by Joanne Fluke and didn’t have time to read the short stories by Leslie Meier and Laura Levine. Nothing against the other ladies; I just didn’t have the time during the holidays to finish the second two short stories.

Gingerbread Cookie Murder follows Fluke’s leading lady, Hannah, as she tackles the Christmas holidays. She is slammed with cookie orders and stuck embracing her mother’s over active love life, but Hannah is still enjoying the season. That is until she discovers her obnoxious neighbor dead in his kitchen. Everyone deserves justice and Hannah sets out to find this Christmas killer!

I love a good cozy mystery but have avoided diving in to Fluke’s extensive series primarily because I lack the baking enthusiasm. I may have to remedy this because I enjoyed spunky Hannah!

Gingerbread Cookie Mystery was a fun read but you will figure out the culprit quite quickly. I don’t really understand our main character’s love triangle relationship, but that’s my fault for jumping in mid series. It was cute, funny, and full of delicious cookies!

I recommend reading now before those New Years resolutions kick in! Anyone a Joanne Fluke fan?


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