One Month Down!

I didn’t think I was ready for the first month of 2016 to be over, but am perfectly fine with the fact after a few days of reflection.This year is going much better than the last! I may not be reading a ton but I am reading more. I’m slowly accomplishing my writing goals (please read about them here) and I’m doing my best to enjoy my hobbies!

I decided to set a few simple reading and cultural goals for myself to keep this forward momentum going! Here are the three I’m going with:

Actual Book Challenge:


The Challenge: The Re-Read Challenge

Hosts: Belle of the Literati

The Goal: The reader chooses their own re-read goal.

Official hashtag: #ReRead2016

My Goal: 12 books

Why: I wrote a post about the joy of rereading and I want an official reason to revisit some of my favs.

So Far:

  1. Milo Talon

My Personal Challenges:

1. Challenge: Read more books released in 2014, 2015, and 2016.

My Goal: 12 books

Why: I tend to read older books from the library despite having an office overflowing with my TBR pile. This is to push me to work on that pile and read new releases.

2. Challenge: Watch more movies in the theater.

My Goal: 12 movies

Why: My family are big movie goers but I’ve stopped going over the last few years due to the expense and Mike and I having such different tastes! No more! I want to see more movies in the theater!

So Far:

  1. The Revenant
  2. Star Wars: The Force Awakens

So these are my personal challenges! What  reading challenges are you doing this year?



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