What to Expect


Good morning fellow readers and happy February! It’s time for the monthly ‘What to Expect’ post.

So what type of book reviews can you look forward to in February? I honestly have no idea because I’ve been a genre jumper for the last couple of weeks. For those who have never experienced this frustrating situation it goes sorta like this…

What would I like to read today?

movie hunt science fiction i made lost in space

A sci-fi book? Oh yeah! I love sci-fi! But maybe not right now…

love 80s retro 1980s 80s movies

A romance novel? Yuck. But it is the month of love so maybe I should….

beautiful creatures

Oh, how about a YA?! (nose crinkles in thought) Maybe….

television mtv manu bennett the shannara chronicles allanon

Fantasy? Hmmmm….

bored boring tv red sherlock

A mystery? Yeah! A good mystery! Eh, I don’t know…

It’s INFURIATING! I just want to sit down with a good book that can keep my attention for more than a few minutes! So we all get to live on the edge this month, wondering what review will turn up next.

The one thing you can be certain of is I will be participating in my friend Liz’s #nerdslove challenge on Instagram. Check out my daily posts here and be sure to check out Liz’s account for the topic list and her nerdy posts.

That’s about it from me. What books do you have in the works this month? Anyone binge reading romance books? Anyone reading Pride and Prejudice and Zombies to prep for the movie release? Let me know!

Lindsay out!

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