Motor Mouth

Motor Mouth

by Janet Evanovich


Barney is a woman with a taste for speed, talent for breaking rules, and knows too much about cheating. First there was boyfriend NASCAR racer Hooker and a salesclerk. Now an unlikely winner has to be cheating. Another spotter calls for help, trapped. Their drooling St Bernard leaves his teeth marks in a corpse. They are on the run, suspected of murder.

 Sorry it’s been a minute since I’ve posted a review! I’ve been sneaking away to hit the beach instead of sharing all these good mysteries with you! But, I am back on board and starting the review week off with a good laugh. Motor Mouth is the second book in Janet Evanovich’s Alex Barnaby series and you can check out my review of book one, Metro Girl, for a brief intro to the characters.

Barney and Hooker are back and there is trouble in paradise as their romance went up in flames when Hooker woke up next to a sales clerk. Barney is still working as a spotter for Hooker’s team and enjoying a chance to help in NASCAR research and design. And then a friend of the pair gets stuck in the car hauler of a rival racer…. It’s not long before Barney and Hooker are racing to hide dead bodies and out run a pair of hitmen.

The Alex Barnaby series is probably my favorite from Janet Evanovich. Yes I know the Stephanie Plum novels are the most popular, and I enjoy them, but there is just something about Barney and Hooker that keeps me coming back to the series. It is because both main characters solve these mysteries by sheer dumb luck. Hooker struggles to keep from gagging when they move dead bodies. Barney whines when she falls down in the mud while digging a temporary grave. Both end up way over their heads in murder and mayhem because they steel a NASCAR hauler to help out a friend. Dumb luck people! All the characters are relatable. Their reactions are realistic. And they keep getting themselves in to hilarious sticky situations!

I love how fast paced and fun the story is. We get to revisit all the old Miami characters from Metro Girl, as well as meet a few more interesting people (Huevo’s wife being one of my favs). Critics of the series will remark on how unrealistic certain plot points are, but that is one of the reasons I enjoy the series. Motor Mouth is the perfect read when you need a pick-me-up. I definitely recommend it as a fun beach read!

Anyone else an Alex Barnaby fan? What is your favorite Evanovich series?


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