Milo Talon

Milo Talon
by Louis L’amour


Milo Talon knew the territory and the good men from the bad. He had ridden the Outlaw Trail and could find out things others couldn’t. That was why a rich man named Jefferson Henry hired Milo to hunt down a missing girl. But from the moment Milo began his search, he knew something wasn’t right. Three people had already died, an innocent woman was on the run, and a once sleepy town was getting crowded with hired guns.

Suddenly, Milo Talon realized that there were still things he had to learn—about the woman he was trying to find, the man who had hired him, and the murderer who wanted him dead. But most of all, Milo had a few things to learn about himself. And he would have to work fast, because one mistake could cost him his life.…

I’m including westerns because I have always considered them a form of historical fiction. Plus, this is my all-time favorite western and it has a great mystery!

I love Milo Talon! Im a fan of his blunt personality and desire to do the right thing by good people. He’s just a good guy with a sharp whit and smart mouth who stands up for his friends. What’s not to like?! I also enjoy the supporting cast of characters L’amour provides our reluctant hero: the pretty girl in need of help, the kind ex-trail cook, and the mysterious horse wranglers. But Milo Talon is more than just a simple cowboy story. L’amour, the king of the western, weaves a complex mystery that starts with the search for a missing girl and cumulates with Milo and Molly running for their lives from parties greedy for railroad money. The mystery and the characters keep me coming back to this novel time and time again, and I need for it to be made into a movie. Now!

I do have to say that some readers are not going to appreciate the development of Milo and Molly’s relationship. There are no sappy details and it can read a tad unrealistic and abrupt. I love it, but I understand it’s not for most. Also, L’amour’s writing style is not the most showing. The language is blunt and straight forward, but I still feel like I’m right in the middle of the action while reading.

READ IT! Milo Talon is my all time favorite western and I want to hear what you think. I promise the ending is well worth it!


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