Apollo 11

Moment in History: Apollo 11

I am of a weird generation; a transitional generation. I can remember when my parents invested in an electronic typewriter, and then a desktop computer. I remember the haunting sounds of the dial-up connecting. The bag car phone..the wireless house phone.. the Nokia brick cell phones. I am not very old, and yet it is so easy to forget about such rapid change as I sit here looking up pictures of the Apollo 11 lunar landing on my smart phone.

I believe all historians have a small space inside of them that will always feel slightly empty; a space that aches with yearning to experience history first hand. If I had a time machine, I would go back to watch Neil Armstrong step off the LEM ladder and leave his foot prints in the dust. I can’t even imagine what it was like for him, or the eleven other men who have walked on the moon, as they stood in their pressurized suits watching the Earth rise.

I take a moment to marvel at the science and ingenuity that took them there. And I thank God, and my parents, for the opportunity to watch the last night shuttle launch live in 2010. Amazement is the only feeling a had as I listened to the rockets burn and watched the golden flames speed towards the stars. Amazing.

So tonight I challenge you to put those smart phones down, walk outside, and look up. Watch the stars twinkle and imagine what we look like from up there. And remember that 68 years ago…man walked on the moon!


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