I have to apologize y’all.

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I didn’t mean to take a month off of sharing book reviews. After traveling to see the eclipse (AMAZING), getting a summer cold (blah), my family making it through Hurricane Harvey (BLESSED), and now the beautiful beast Irma marching her way slowly towards Florida (sigh) I’ve been a bit distracted and stressed. And I tend to just binge read when stressed…its healthy for me.

Sadly, I haven’t even binge read books in my normal genres…though cozy mysteries about modern witches are still technically mysteries.

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(Don’t worry. I am not ashamed of my reading choice. I binge read these type of books every year as soon as it gets cold outside 😛 I cant help it with fall FINALLY on the way!)

I promise I will be back with more reviews! And I don’t mean in a week or two; I mean soon. Like tomorrow soon….until then I would love to hear what you read when dealing with stress. Let me know!


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