Lindsay’s Favorites

Welcome to Lindsay’s Favorites Page!  These are the books Lindsay finds herself reading over and over again, and she (far too enthusiastically) recommends you pick one up!


The Immortals

Wild Magic


Emperor Mage

The Realms of the Gods

Green Rider Series

Green Rider

First Rider’s Call

Steal the Dragon


Every Secret Thing

Science Fiction

The Lunar Chronicles



The Queen’s Army



The Martian


Julie of the Wolves

Last of the Breed


Milo Talon

3 thoughts on “Lindsay’s Favorites

    • I havent had a chance to read it yet! I started it but got a little pissed when the King announced his engagement and put it down. 😉 I need to just get over it and actually finish it.

      • Haha, that’s hilarious that you said that because I was EXACTLY the same!! My recommendation: read the third book because it’s flipping awesome – possibly my favourite book in the series. There are soooo many cool scenes with the ‘Weapons’ and some kick-butt Karigan action moments! But maybe finish reading after that one. I tried the fourth but ended up not being able to finish it because I couldn’t handle Zachary being with Astoria (is that even her name? Yeesh, it’s been ages since I’ve read these books!). I think the fifth book is out now too but I’ll probably wait until the entire series is done and then try to read the fourth book (again) and onwards, hoping that the king will end up with Karigan (because, let’s face it, that is SO necessary!). Let me know what you think of the third if you end up reading it! But like I said, definite rec for High King’s Tomb!!

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