by Janet Evanovich


A woman with a talent for numbers, Alexandra Scott wanted to escape the rat race and go someplace where the men outnumber the women. Trading in her Wall Street job and fancy condo for a rundown cabin in the woods. She’s now Alaskan Wilderness Woman. It isn’t long before she finds exactly what she’s looking for; one sexy pilot named Michael Casey. But this confirmed bachelor has no intentions of getting caught in any woman’s crosshairs; especially a hunter as appealing as Alex. It’ll take skill, determination, and a little romantic persuasion for this big-game hunter to bag her prey.

Manhunt is a silly, light read that is perfect for giving you a boost while waiting for a plane, working on the laundry, or avoiding the ever growing stack of bills.  Well, I can’t really condone avoiding bills, so pay those bills and open Manhunt for a quick laugh!

Evanovich is well known for her Stephanie Plum series, but did you know that she began her career writing stand alone romances?  Manhunt is one such novel and is set in the wild country of Alaska.  Side note for avid Evanovich fans and serious connoisseurs of romance novels:  The characters are a tad bit underdeveloped.  Fans of the Plum books may be disappointed in Manhunt’s simplicity, but you shouldn’t be.  It still has Evanovich’s quirky fun characters and quick pace.  Romance readers may be disappointed in the lack of smut.  Sorry about that.  The between-the-sheets scenes are a tad awkward, but this is one of her early novels.

So, Alex has moved to Alaska to find happiness and a husband.  Instead, she finds a dilapidated cabin and Casey, her sexy next door neighbor who is too sexy for husband material.  But, she is determined to make it all work and what follows is quite entertaining.    I can definitely see myself making many of the same mistakes adjusting to Alaska life.  Alex’s spunk and hardheaded drive was just endearing; I’m still giggling about the outhouse incident.  I even liked Casey!  But I was drawn to Manhunt because I love the idea of Alex dropping everything to make a life somewhere new.  I’ve done it before and I always enjoy reading about others’ adventures.

Manhunt need more detail.  I just felt that one more good edit would have left the novel feeling more developed.  I would have liked more about the ‘non-Casey’ Alaskan activities that Alex learns to love.  There should have been more details about her learning about fishing and her friendship with Andy.  And, it irked me that Alex was ‘working’ on Casey because she decided that he needed to be married to her.  We know she loves him but the constant emphasis on marriage was too pushy.

Its a fun read!  I giggled, smiled, and was in a better mood afterwards.  Plus, I got to read about characters warming up Alaska instead of just surviving the cold! 😛  Let me know what you think!