Florida Reading

Spring is here and soon it will be warm enough for reading days at the beach! Until then I am sharing pictures that show the joy of reading in Florida.


Beach-read is the only book damage I am ok with. Salt water worn edges, sand between the pages, and the faint smell of coconut sunscreen always make me smile!

You may notice The Martian made a few trips to the beach ūüėú!

Happy reading!


What to Expect: JULY

What To Expect: JULY

Well…it’s probably quite obvious by the number of reviews I posted in June that I’m STILL adjusting to my new day-shift schedule. UGH!! 13 hours of my day are dedicated to exercise, work, and my commute back and forth, which leaves far less reading time than I’m accustomed to. Thank the Lord for audiobooks! Guys, I haven’t even made it to the beach this summer! That should be considered a crime against humanity. (DEEP BREATH, DEEP BREATH) But, July is a brand new month and I have a new trusty planner to help me navigate this new schedule!

So what should you expect to see in July?! the same thing you should have seen in June!

1. A Time to Live by Jonas Lee

2. Akarnae by Lynette Noni

3. Identity Theft by Laura Lee

Don’t worry! The reviews will keep coming. I love doing this too much to throw in the towel! Happy reading this July and hopefully we’ll all find time to hit the beach and get a little sand between the pages!


What to Expect: JUNE

What to Expect: JUNE

Today is June 1st and like most people I am shocked that 2015 is zipping by so quickly! I am still adjusting to my new schedule and workload but am doing better with keeping up with my reading. June promises more posts and here is what to expect.

I have a few books that I have needed to read and review for some very patient friends.  The following are three you will definitely hear about this month!

1. A Time to Live by Jonas Lee

2. Akarnae by Lynette Noni

3. Identity Theft by Laura Lee

Plus, there will still be a few mysteries left over from May!

beach animated GIF

Thank you all for being so patient with me the last few months. Things here at Sand Between the Pages are getting back to normal, so be ready for plenty of reviews coming your way!¬† Here’s to summer and lazy beach days spent reading!


Sorry Guys

I owe y’all an apology.¬† I’ve fallen behind on my reviews the last three weeks and I’m sorry.¬† I’ve just had a hard time focusing on my reading and reviewing because this has been me.

Cartoons & Comics Disney animated GIF

See, today is my last day at my job.¬†¬†A job I’ve had for the last four years working¬†in a wonderful place with some amazing people.¬† Working at a place I have dreamed of working at since I was eleven years old.¬† A job I would love to have for the rest of my life but the time has come to move on.¬† So I am¬†taking a different job, one that offers an actual career and a great working environment. ¬†This move is for the best but I’m still just a little….

Sad Kid animated GIF

My free time next week will be spent on the beach…reading.¬†¬†I’ll¬†catch¬†up on all those TBR books and get you those reviews!¬† The future is bright at¬†this new job and I will have more time to pursue my writing dreams.¬† So hopefully, I’ll be back to my normal self in the coming weeks.¬† I may even take a hint from Stitch and put on some Elvis to put me in a dancing mood!

Disney Cute animated GIF

I’m sorry guys! I promise the reviews are coming!