What to Expect – OCTOBER


My favorite month of the year has arrived and you should see all the reviews that await you! MWAHAHAHA! (cue the creepy music…)

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So what can you expect this month? Lots and lots of paranormal cozy mysteries. What can I say? I love mysteries involving ghosts and witches.

I plan on reviewing Juliet Blackwell’s entire Withcraft Mystery series, which follows the adventures of sweet witch, Lily Ivory and her potbelly pig/goblin, Oscar.

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The third installment of Jackie Smith’s Cemetery Tours series comes out this month and you will see a review! I’m looking forward to After Death. Ghost hunting and a circus….oooooo!

Also, I will be reviewing one non paranormal novel this month: Jones Lee’s A Time to Live. This amazing friend has been beyond patient while waiting for this review and I’m excited to talk about the crazy adventures of snarky Carter Gabel!

So grad a pumpkin spice latte and your favorite candy because it is going to be a fun month!


Between Worlds

Between Worlds

by Jacqueline E. Smith


Someone always dies… Someone is always left behind…

Now that his secret is out, Michael Sinclair finally agrees to join paranormal superstar Luke Rainer and the Cemetery Tours crew on an investigation. Not just any investigation. The biggest investigation of their career.

Once home to the wealthy Sterling Hall and his beloved wife, Joanna, Stanton Hall Manor in Maine is famous for the love story that inspired it… and the ghosts who now inhabit it. For Luke and the crew, Stanton Hall is a dream come true.

Unfortunately, some dreams turn out to be nightmares.

I was starting to get a little burned out on the Halloween novels; I mean, look how many I have reviewed in the last month!  But I told Jackie that I would read Between Worlds, the second novel in her Cemetery Tours series, and provide a review this week.  Boy, am I glad I made that promise because I couldn’t put it down yesterday!  Between Worlds was exactly what I needed to pull me out of my reading slump.

Between Worlds picks up just three months after the conclusion of Cemetery Tours.  Michael is struggling with his new life; a life where his carefully guarded secret is now national news.  He has the dead and not so dead begging for his assistance.  It is such a request that prompts him, Kate, Brink, and Gavin to join Luke and the Cemetery Tours team on a visit to the haunted Stanton Hall Manor.  Here they must uncover the truth behind an interesting love story and help a heart-broken ghost.

I LOVED IT!  Reading Between Worlds felt like catching up with old friends with each turn of the page and I have to say that Jackie’s writing has only improved with book two.  She discusses some pretty serious, and sometimes heartbreaking, issues but still maintained a light, and often humorous, atmosphere.  Brink kept me laughing, Luke exhibited a surprisingly complex personality, and I loved the developments between Michael and Kate.  I definitely did not have a problem connecting with Michael this time around!   I even loved the haunting of Sterling Hall.

I do wish there had been more about Emily.  I quickly figured out her secret but I was hoping that Michael and Brink would do more to help her with her reality.  I know she was doing better when the group left but I personally wanted more closure for the poor teen.  And I really got frustrated with how Kate’s mom treats her like a rebellious and incapable teenager.  (This has nothing to do with Jackie’s writing 🙂 this is me being annoyed with the actual character)  I understand that the nearly loosing her daughter would make her so cautious, but I was just waiting for her to realize that Kate is a strong woman and that her overbearing behavior is only pushing Kate away.  Oh well, maybe she’ll have an epiphany in book 3 :).

Thank you for the excited story Jackie!  It was nice having a paranormal book that I didn’t want to put down and I can not wait for the next installment!  What do y’all think of Between Worlds?


Cemetery Tours

Cemetery Tours

by Jacqueline Smith

Cemetery Tours (Cemetery Tours, #1)

Some secrets are best kept laid to rest.

At least, that’s as far as Michael Sinclair is concerned. At twenty-seven, he has spent his entire life pretending that the ghosts he encounters on a daily basis do not exist. Now, if only the dead would let him rest in peace.

Unfortunately, that doesn’t seem likely, especially after Kate Avery and her ailing brother, Gavin, move in next door. Kate and Gavin are haunted, and not by a dearly departed loved one. This spirit is aggressive, menacing, and harboring a dark resentment toward Gavin. In spite of every instinct advising him to walk away, Michael finds himself seeking to uncover the mysteries of Gavin’s past and falling for the bright and lovely Kate. Yet competing for her affection is Luke Rainer, television’s hottest celebrity ghost hunter and the only (living) person to know Michael’s secret.

But the dead have secrets, too. Some will go to any length to withhold what should have gone with them to the grave, while others will risk everything to make their voices heard, even if that means putting another’s life at stake. Now, for the sake of friends and strangers alike, Michael must choose between preserving his cherished anonymity and lending his aid to those for whom all hope seems lost

Cemetery Tours is the second book an author asked me to review and I want to thank Jackie Smith for sending me a copy of her debut novel!  I decided to wait until October to read it because the storyline fits perfectly with this month’s spooky Halloween theme.

Michael has always had the ability to see and talk to ghosts, and it is a talent he diligently ignores.  That is until a brother and sister, Gavin and Kate, move in next door and bring a angry ghost with them.  Now, against his better judgment, Michael will do what he can to help Kate; even if that means he must put up with the handsome television star, Luke Rainer.  Cemetery Tours takes readers fun, ghost filled adventure through north-east Texas!

Cemetery Tours is a well written debut novel.  I enjoyed all of Jackie’s characters, which are all well developed and unique individuals.  I easily connected with Kate because of her strong and vivacious personality; my grandmother always says that Texas girls are strong!  I love how Jackie seamlessly incorporates modern cultural references throughout the story.  It makes the characters even more real; the type of people you could meet on the street or next door.  I also enjoy reading Jackie’s writing style.  We are both from similar areas of Texas and Jackie’s voice had me reminiscing about home!

I really don’t have any negative comments about Cemetery Tours.  I found the story moved a little too fast in the middle of the novel.  I was hoping the speed would have slowed down just a tad so that I could marinate in the details of the scenes.  This point made it difficult to really connect with Michael; he seemed a tad two dimensional during these scenes.  But otherwise, Cemetery Tours is a well written story!

It is fun, adventurous, and full of interesting ghosts.  Cemetery Tours is the perfect read for a cool October evening!  Pick it up, light a candle, and turn on your favorite ghost hunting TV show!  Has anyone else read Jackie Smith’s novels?