Holiday Loves: Christmas Decorations

Do y’all remember last years Christmas post series called Holiday Loves and Quirks? I shared some of my favorite aspects of the holidays and felt like resharing them! Feel free to share your favorite aspects of the Christmas!

Christmas Decorations

White Christmas lights have to be one of the greatest invention of all time.  They have always been my favorite and I cant help but feel all warm and happy when I see them.  This is a good thing because I am in charge of putting up, and taking down, our Christmas decorations.  My husband does not want to deal with them and I love organizing them all…it works!


Simple is the key word for our decorations.  Our house isn’t big and we just don’t have the dough to compete with the Griswolds.  So our outdoor decorations are restricted to the bay window area and our indoor decorations are placed strategically around the living room.  We also reuse our decorations from year to year.  I made our stockings three years ago and we still use the fake tree I bought seven years ago during my first round of college.  We lovingly refer to it as our Charlie Brown tree.


Our decorations have stories and some of our favorites are my husband’s homemade pieces.  Each were handcrafted by his grandparents.  They are a sweet reminder that one of the best parts of the holidays is spending time with family.  A reminder for us to ignore the frustration and stress we may feel during the season and to focus on the good parts.  They are a reminder that our loved ones remain with us years after they have gone.  Each one has a story to share.


The decorations are simple.  And we wouldn’t want them any other way!  My favorite will always be my great-grandmother’s ceramic Christmas tree that has been the Christmas nightlight in my room since I was seven.  What are your favorite decorations?  What stories do they tell?