Identity Theft

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by Laura Lee


When the rock star she idolized responded to her e-mail, Candi was thrilled. When he started to flirt with her, she thought all her dreams could come true. The fantasy takes over her entire life, but none of it is true. The man of her dreams is not a rock star at all, but a bored office worker whose internet game quickly spins out of control.

Laura Leeā€™s second novel, Identity Theft, is now available. It is a humorous, thought-provoking examination of the state of the self in the 21st Century full of surprising plot twists.

It explores celebrity, online relationships, the loss of professional identity that comes with insecure employment and how inner reality is often at odds with outer image.


I’m FINALLY getting a new review up!! WOO HOO! Anyways, so April from A Well Read Woman told me about a general fiction book that I had to read. I usually don’t go for stories outside of specific genres, such as mystery or science fiction, but I just couldn’t say no to Laura Lee’s Identity Theft. The premise had me hooked, much like the romantic comedies Ethan watches for research purposes, and I couldn’t put it down once I picked it up. Plus, I was drawn in by Lee’s realistic characters and quick pacing.

I connected easily with Ollie and Candi. Both are having a difficult time handling their new realities: Ollie an aging rockstar going through a divorce and Candi a career woman with an unsatisfying career. I absolutely LOVED Candi and honestly, she was the type of character that I needed to read. I too understand the frustration of a less than satisfying career. I fight the exhausting fight against debt. I get Candi and she is why I enjoyed Identity Theft. I needed to read about her struggles and watch how she manages the obstacles. It gives hope to all of us late 20s girls with celebrity crushes and

My only real complaint would be Ethan’s lack of depth. I like him, but I really wish there had been more to his character. We get glimpses of it through his correspondence with Candi but not enough to make me like him through the majority of the story. I actually got REALLY frustrated by his lack of action during some points. But that’s it!

I love the ending, which is incredibly important as I spent most of the read cringing and wondering how Lee would pull everything together. The best aspect is it ended realistically and not in the overly spectacular fashion found in pop culture chick lit. Identity Theft forced me to think about my own dreams and reality, while still making me chuckle. It is great examination on the difference between how we perceive ourselves and how we are perceived by others. I definitely recommend it!

So which rock star/celebrity do you wish you could meet?! šŸ˜œ


Author Bio

Laura Lee is the author of 14 books. She is best known for her non-fiction with such publishers as Reader’s Digest, Harper Collins, Running Press and Broadway Books. Her first novel Angel was published in 2011, released in an audio edition last year and will be published in a second edition later this year. She has also written two collections of poetry, and a childrenā€™s book (A Childā€™s Introduction to Ballet). She brings to her writing a unique background as a radio announcer, improvisational comic and one-time professional mime and she divides her time between writing and organizing national ballet master class tours. The San Francisco Chronicle said of her work, ā€œLeeā€™s dry, humorous tone makes her a charming companionā€¦ She has a penchant for wordplay that is irresistible.ā€


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What to Expect – AUGUST


You’ve probably wondered where I’ve been the last few weeks. You may even have worried that I was kidnapped or stuck in a dark room with no books (I pray I’m NEVER stuck in such a place).

Don’t worry. I am fine and I SWEAR I’VE BEEN READING! I just haven’t had the time to sit down and post my reviews because I was a tad busy with a few fun projects last month. (Click here if you want to know more about said projects šŸ˜‰ go ahead, I know you’re curious!) I have a number of books waiting patiently to be reviewed and you can check out my Goodreads for a sneak peak. But that’s all I’m committing too at the moment!

I haven’t managed to read any of the books I have lined up the last few months, so August is all about winging it old school! Well… not all because I am participating in a review tour of Laura Lee’s Identity Theft. I definitely think my fellow reviewers should join in on the review tour! There are a number of spots still available, just click here!

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I promise to get you more reviews in August! Hope your summer is going swimmingly and you have plenty of time for beach reading!


What to Expect: JULY

What To Expect: JULY

Well…it’s probably quite obvious by the number of reviews I posted in June that I’m STILL adjusting to my new day-shift schedule. UGH!! 13 hours of my day are dedicated to exercise, work, and my commute back and forth, which leaves far less reading time than I’m accustomed to. Thank the Lord for audiobooks! Guys, I haven’t even made it to the beach this summer! That should be considered a crime against humanity. (DEEP BREATH, DEEP BREATH) But, July is a brand new month and I have a new trusty planner to help me navigate this new schedule!

So what should you expect to see in July?! the same thing you should have seen in June!

1. A Time to Live by Jonas Lee

2. Akarnae by Lynette Noni

3. Identity Theft by Laura Lee

Don’t worry! The reviews will keep coming. I love doing this too much to throw in the towel! Happy reading this July and hopefully we’ll all find time to hit the beach and get a little sand between the pages!


What to Expect: JUNE

What to Expect: JUNE

Today is June 1st and like most people I am shocked that 2015 is zipping by so quickly! I am still adjusting to my new schedule and workload but am doing better with keeping up with my reading. JuneĀ promises more posts andĀ here is what to expect.

I have a few books that I haveĀ needed to read and review for some very patient friends.Ā  The following are three you will definitely hear about this month!

1. A Time to Live by Jonas Lee

2. Akarnae by Lynette Noni

3. Identity Theft by Laura Lee

Plus, there will still be a few mysteries left over from May!

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Thank you all for being so patient with me the last few months. Things here at Sand Between the Pages are getting back to normal, so be ready for plenty of reviews coming your way!Ā  Here’s to summer and lazy beach days spent reading!