Can you believe it’s been two years?! Two years of reading for fun. Two years of writing book reviews. Two wonderful years of sharing my love for books with all of you!

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So here is to you fellow book lovers! Thank you for coming with me on this crazy journey! The last year has been interesting but I’m so thankful that y’all have stuck with me!

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May is once again the Month of Mystery! The next few weeks will be filled with mysteries: some hilarious but all that will keep you on the edge of you seat! I’ll also share some of my current favorite mystery shows!

Thank for the last two years! Let’s start the next one with a blast!


What to Expect: MAY

May: the Month of Mystery!

May is my first anniversary of posting book reviews here on Sand Between the Pages. One whole year!  So much has happened since I started this site. I graduated with a Masters degree in History. I’ve started a new career. And I found renewed focus for my writing dreams. All while providing you reviews on the books I read. It’s been a great year and I’m so blessed by your support and friendships!

So May will, once again, be the Month of Mystery. All posts this month will be dedicated to those stories that channel our inner detective. Non-mystery authors who are waiting for their novels to be posted: don’t fret! Your books will grace Sand Between the Pages in June!


This month is dedicated to spending warm spring days on the beach, basking in the tropical smell of sunscreen with a good cozy mystery and plenty of sugar sand stuck between the pages.  Lounge in your beach chair, bury your toes in the sand, and join me in discovering whodunit!