Murder on a Bad Hair Day

Murder on a Bad Hair Day

by Anne George

Murder on a Bad Hair Day (Southern Sisters Mystery, #2)

It’s hard to believe practical, petite ex-schoolteacher Patricia Anne and amiable, ample-bodied, and outrageous Mary Alice are sisters, yet sibling rivalry has survived decades of good-natured disagreement about everything from husbands to hair color. No sooner do the Southern sisters discover a common interest in some local art, when they’re arguing the artistic merits of some well-coiffured heads at a gallery opening. A few hours later, one of those pretty ladies ends up dead — with not a hair out of place. The other shows up on Patricia Anne’s doorstep dazed, disheveled, and telling a wild tale of a narrow escape from some deadly cuts. Now the sisters are once again combing for clues to catch a killer with a bizarre style in art — and murder.

I read Murder on a Bad Hair Day last March, unaware that it is set during the Christmas holidays.  I decided to read it despite the setting and the age of the main characters.  Patricia Anne and Mary Alice are twin sisters in their early sixties.  Now, I have nothing against anyone of retirement age, but I do tend to pick stories where the leads are in their late twenties and early thirties.  It is just easier for me to connect with them.  Well, I am glad that I kept reading, or, listening because I had the book on CD.  It was a nice cozy mystery that kept me guessing until the end.

I recommend this novel just for the relationship between Patricia Anne and Mary Alice.  The sisters are mischievous and competitive; constantly armed with verbal fodder for their bantering conversations.  I also enjoyed how real and sweet Patricia Anne and Fred’s marriage read.  And I was intrigued by the role of local folk art in the mystery.  George’s imagery was perfect and I can still picture one of the main art pieces.

I wasn’t a fan of any of the secondary characters.  I couldn’t make myself trust any of them.  George nailed it if it was her goal to keep readers constantly guessing!  And of course, the mystery could have been tied together a tad smoother, but that is a common issue in cozy mysteries.  Definitely do not let that deter you from reading it!

Murder on a Bad Hair Day goes perfectly with a crackling fire and cup of hot chocolate.  Let the holiday themed reading commence and sit back for some fun with these southern sisters!  Have you read any of Anne George’s novels?