What to Expect – November


Hi everybody! Sorry I was missing in action the last few weeks. Halloween, family stuff, and a much needed vacation had me off-the-grid. 

But I’m back and I hope you had a wonderful Halloween full of creepy costumes and plenty of candy! I sure did, and I had a blast sharing a few witchy book reviews with you last month. I managed to get most of my reading list up, but we are going to have to wait a bit for a review of Jackie Smith’s After Death. Hopefully, you’ll be reading it this month!

Here’s what to expect for November: plenty of reviews on the many audio books I listen to during my work commute! They have been stacking up and need to be shared! 

Peanuts eating charlie brown thanksgiving snoopy

You can also expect to hear about my favorite holiday! Thanksgiving is on the way and I look forward to sharing my family traditions!

writing working typewriter typing workplace

November is also National Novel Writing Month! I plan to provide a weekly update on my attempt to write my own novel! So expect to hear ALL about NaNoWriMo. Let me know if you’re writing too!

It’s going to be a fun, busy month but I wouldn’t have my November any other way! Happy Reading!


What to Expect – SEPTEMBER


I started my mid day shift schedule at work in June and just couldn’t find time to get anything done. I wasn’t reading, writing, or posting which did not make for a very happy Lindsay. I had to work at having a life outside of my job.

I focused on my writing in July and sent the first draft of my non-fiction out to beta readers. I also finished a detailed outline for my NaNoWriMo novel and started working on a survival thriller I’ve put off for two years. The month was a success!

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August was spent coupling my writing with more reading time. Audio books filled my commute to and from work, I spent my breaks with my nose in my Nook, and I started taking a book to bed with me again. August was also a success!

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So what can you expect for September? More posts! I realized yesterday that both my sites have been pretty quiet over the last few months as I tried to regain the creative side of my life. So September will be full of reviews on the books I read in August! It may have taken me a few months but I’m finally giving some priority to my favorite things!

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What do you have planned this month?

Writing Update – Grad School Survival Guide

Some of you cool kids may remember I am writing a helpful and humorous guide to surviving grad school. For those who didn’t know…now you do!

Each Monday I post a weekly survival tip on my site dedicated to my writing journey, LBoitnott. I want to make sure everyone has access to these tips so I’ll be sharing them here as well! Feel free to check out the first five and let me know what you think!

Tip 1


Tip 2


Tip 3


Tip 4


Tip 5


Best of luck on the new semester!


What to Expect – APRIL

What to Expect – APRIL

Happy April Fools Day!

Here’s what to expect in April on Sand Between the Pages.  March was all over the darn place and I was left with a number of partially read novels that desperately need to be finished!  So, I going to finish them and get the reviews up this month.  I’m not sharing any titles; you’ll just have to be surprised!  I’ll give you a hint…see if you can figure out the genres from the pictures bellow!

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Other updates for Sand Between the Pages:  I will no longer post a writing update at the end of each month.  I have a sister page, which you can see HERE, that is dedicated to my writing.  Please take the time to check out my progress!  I need all the encouragement I can get!

Spring has officially arrived in Florida, so I will be spending my afternoons soaking up the sun and reading!  Have a great day and enjoy this picture of Kata sporting her new headband! (Helps me not lose her in the yard!)


Writing Updates – February

I decided to do a monthly writing update for 2015.  You probably aren’t too interested in my writing goals, but I have found these posts keep me motivated and positive.  Read on if you’d like and feel free to check out last month’s post and get the details on my two works-in-progress!

1.  Title: The Pocket Guide to Surviving Grad School Or  Getting Through Three Years of Self-Inflicted Higher Education Hell

Genre: Non-Fiction, Humor


My Status: I finished a very rough first draft of the pocket guide at the beginning of February.  My plan is to edit and have it out to beta readers by mid-March.  It’s pretty short so I should be able to get it done!

2. Title: Winter

(still in need of an actual title)

Genre: Mystery, Humor

Blizzard Sad animated GIF

My Status: I have written about 2/3rds of the first draft and am soooooo ready to finish.  I absolutely love the story but I am ready to rewrite and edit.  I really enjoy editing!  I plan on finishing the first draft within the next few weeks and hopefully start editing.

Let me know about your writing goals!


Writing Updates!


My plan for 2015 is to write as much as I can.  I am focusing on just getting first drafts finished and these monthly updates will hold me accountable in my writing.  So here is what was accomplished in January:

1.  Title: The Pocket Guide to Surviving Grad School Or  Getting Through Three Years of Self-Inflicted Higher Education Hell

Genre: Non-fiction, Humor

Synopsis:  So you want to go to grad school?  No big deal right?  I mean, you made it through your undergrad and you are now older and much more mature.  Grad school should be a breeze!  WRONG!  Learn from my naivety and make the most of your new living hell!  The Pocket Guide to Surviving Grad School is here to provide advice and answer questions you never dreamed of asking!

I am here to ensure both grad students and their support teams that you are not alone and that this too shall pass.  Take a quick study break, drown yourself in coffee, and flip through The Pocket Guide to Surviving Grad School for a much needed laugh!


My Thoughts:  My time in grad school was tough.  I worked full time, went to school full time, and did a part time internship.  It was hard, exhausting, and often spirit destroying.  I cried, a lot.  I could fall asleep standing up.  My fellow students were really the only ones that understood what I was going through.  It was hard on me and my family, but I finally finished.

I expected life to go back to normal after school, but I found that I was still fighting depression and a lack of self confidence.  I decided that I just needed some time to readjust, so I was content to spend my days at a dead-end job and watching hours of TV.  This was even harder for my family to deal with because they felt I was wasting all my hard work.  I was prepared to just ride it out, but then my best friend started going through the same thing as her graduation approached.

I decided to write it all down to help explain what we were going through.  I included my unique brand of humor to help us laugh.  I use my personal stories and advice to help grad students know what their getting in to and to let them know that they are not alone.  There is a separate section for the family/friends/spouses of grad students on how they can survive the experience.

2. Title: Winter

(this is just the work-in-progress title and will be changed asap)

Genre: Mystery, Humor

Synopsis:  Lucy Jones is a Creative Writing Graduate student at the prestigious Colorado Institute of Art.  She is at her dream school working towards her dream job and her life would be amazing if it wasn’t for Dr. William Morgan.  Dr. Morgan is determined to crush Lucy’s spirit, treating her more like his personal slave instead of just his Teacher’s Assistant.  She spends her days surviving the stress and workload with no time for creative thought. Lucy can’t help but feel that this degree is a waste of her time and her dreams of being a writer slowly fade.

Then she finds Dr. Morgan’s dead body frozen in the snow.

Lucy tries to feel bad about the murder but she is finally free to pursue her dreams!  But Dr. Morgan manages to cause problems even in death and soon Lucy must abandon her studies to prove her family’s innocence.

Blizzard Sad animated GIF

My Thoughts:  Yep, another grad school story.  I started writing this to put a much exaggerated and fun spin on the world of academia.  Plus, this is one of my favorite genres to read, so why not try writing it?  I am halfway through my first draft and enjoying every minute of it!  Side note: None of the characters are based on real people.

Let me know about your writing goals!  Lindsay

Why, hello 2015…

So, I know that 2015 has been around for almost two weeks but, I’ll be honest, the year just didn’t start with a good bang for me.  I was sick (still am) and I just couldn’t get positive about my coming year.  I could only focus on the negative; the towering amount of college debt that I have to start paying off and having to find a ‘big girl’ job so I can actually pay the bills.  I know; life could be much worse.  But it was still hard to swallow in my already whiny and sick state.  So, I waited to write this post and have forced myself to think positively the last 13 days.

Last year was pretty darn good.  I got to see my family and spend plenty of time at the beach.  I rediscovered my passion for both writing and reading.  I started Sand Between the Pages!  I FINALLY graduated from grad school; as did my best friend.  Plus, Mike and I bought our first house.  2014 was quite wonderful!  I am confident that 2015 will be even better.


2015 is going to be a year of change.  I finally have time to focus on my health and the weight has already started to fall off now that the holiday food is all gone.  I will be moving on to a new career.  Now idea what career that will be, which is both exciting and terrifying, but the time has come for me to discover something new.  I am going to continue reading.  I want to write more, and I have already made great progress on my current projects!  I turn 29 in just three short days…

I just plan to rediscover me.  More flying, diving, kayaking, and being outside.  Dedicating time to writing, reading, and enjoying my favorite TV shows.  More reviews and exciting updates for Sand Between the Pages!  And more lazy afternoons with a good book at the beach.  Yep, 2015 is going to be a good one!


I mean, what better way to read at the beach?!?!  What big plans do you have for this year?


Five Free Author Gifts For Christmas.

Who else was a tad lost when making their Christmas list this year?  The things I really wanted couldn’t fit under our tree; a new couch and a successful writing career. Our couch will eventually be replaced but I am working diligently on making the writing career dream a reality.  Here are some great gift ideas for your favorite aspiring writer!

Also take the time to check out Jen’s Pen Den and Ronovan Writes!  Both are wonderful people with positive, uplifting blogs!

Jen's Pen Den

Oh we writers, what we don’t want for Christmas that we think would help our writer’s cause would fill a coffee cup, which is actually on the list of things writer’s think we need. Although I don’t drink coffee. Tried it the other day and about went bonkers. If I had a book idea I could have written it that day. Never try to do that, write a book in a day that is. I wrote a 40,000 word book in one day and was useless for days. I think I might have donated an organ but not sure. Actually I think I know which organ and don’t ask. I’m of the age I don’t think that organ is really all that useful any longer anyway.

What every writer needs for Christmas.

(But doesn’t know to ask for.)

There are things every writer out there wants.

  • The perfect first paragraph…

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NaNoWriMo 2014 – Space Diner

October was a month full of book reviews.

I’m sad to say that November will not be the same.

Do not fret!  This is not because I am giving up on reviews.  It is because I am participating in National Novel Writing Month, NaNoWriMo, this November.  Many of you have heard of NaNoWriMo but for those of you who haven’t, writers, both published and unpublished, gather together in front of their computer screens and attempt to produce a 50,000 word novel in just one month.  It’s frantic, fun, and pushes writers to develop a daily writing habit and leave their editing until the first draft is finished.

Most of my free time will be spent writing, but you can still expect a weekly post from me!  The synopsis of my novel, Space Diner, is as follows.

Space Diner


2340: Technological advancement has destroyed the ecosystem of Earth to where life can no longer be sustained.  The O’Brian Family, technological tycoons, have the means to save humanity.  The remaining humans crowd O’Brian space ships on the journey to the Colony Cluster, a small system of planets that are their only hope for survival.

2440: It has been 5 years since the violent overturn of the O’Brian Empire has left the Colony Cluster in a state of anarchy.  Humanity is floundering once again and a man known only as The Boss is using the chaos to expand his empire.  His thugs are instructed to use any force necessary to take control of the entire Cluster.

Audra Wright, once a decorated fighter pilot, does her best to steer clear of the political battles plaguing her world and survives by taking transport side jobs, delivering to the various planets in the Cluster.  Her ship is in need of a tune-up after months of missions and she plans to spend her short layover consuming as much fried food as possible.  That is until she is offered a job that she can’t resist.  Now Audra must deliver a package that could stop The Boss.

Private Recovery Agent, Jake Tracy, has been tasked with recovering Audra’s package before she can deliver it to the last remaining O’Brian.  He is following her trail, hitting each space diner in search of his French-fry loving target.

Audra is stuck racing through the stars with a surly teenager and a smart-mouthed dog on a reluctant journey to restore balance to the Colony Cluster.  A journey that will require eluding hooker assassins, swamp creatures, and the frustratingly suave Jake Tracey.

Tell me what you think!  Is anyone else participating?  If so, my user name is flygirl3; add me as your buddy!  Happy writing and reading!